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View your peers’ most remarkable cases and share some of your own in the Instagram GentleWave® System User Community. Follow and tag us at @sonendoinc to take part in the largest social channel for GentleWave Doctors to engage, talk technique and share successes.

Chopra IG Case
Four Peaks Endo IG Case
South MS Endo IG Case
Amarillo Endo IG Case
Endo2Endo IG Case
Apex Endodontics IG Case
North Sound Root Canals IG Case
Tanya Reiter IG Case
Karen Potter DDS IG Case
Daniel Tran IG Case
Elite Endodontics IG Case
Weston Endo Care IG Case
Advanced Endodontics IG Case
Advanced Endo IG Case
Samuel IP DDS IG Case
Victor Endodontics IG Case
Southwest Endodontics IG Case
Dan Tran DDS IG Case
Tri City Endo IG Case

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